Ivan Baturin described for the camera how he created the fake alien.
He was playing with a ball of modeling clay when something looking like the head of an alien took form.
He stretched a chicken skin over the dough and finally applied an oitment, found in a first aid kit, on the skin to give it luster. That's the full extent of Baturin's description.
He ran out of plasticine for the body and continued with dough.
Only after he had completed the fake alien did Baturin ask himself what he should do with it. That's when he decided to film it and called his friend Artem Fedotov who had a camera.
Baturin went through the process of creating a figurine made of perishable food without ever asking himself what he would do with it before it began to spoil away.
'I drew it before I made it'.
Other drawings of his.
Late march.
Between april 15 and 18.
April 20, probably.
Whether the result of the lighting conditions and/or post-editing, the colors here (the blue look) are grossly inaccurate.
April 22.
Baturin failed to mention in the interview that the skin had been colored even though he recalls coloring the mouth in black and putting 'some kind of teeth' in it.
He later wrote me in an email that he used red and blue ink and a toothpick for the finer details.