With the help of a translator, I contacted and exchanged emails with three Kamensk residents who where involved.
Sasha Andreev who posted the video on youtube under the pseudonym SashafromBaikal,
Kirill Vlasov, one of the two who were falsely presented as the hoaxers,
and Ivan Baturin, the author of the hoax.
I had the same experience with each. They were willing to answer my questions until I asked about the contact they'd had with the police.
Kirill Vlasov, Sasha Andreev, best friends.
Ivan Baturin.
I also emailed Olga Lipchinskaya of Komsomolskaya Pravda two or three times, pointing out to her that a fellow journalist had labeled her a liar. She never responded even though her social network account is active.

Emails to Kabansk-info were unfruitful.

Finally, I emailed several russian journalists but none showed any interest in the story of a regional journalist accusing two journalists, employed by national publications, of having written lies.
My youtube playlist of translated russian TV news on this and the long Ivan Baturin interview, also translated.
I exchanged a few messages with Ilya Kushlyunov, a journalist employed by BGTRK (Ulan-Ude, Buryatia) who had interviewed the Kabansk police chief and the two pranksters. Despite my best effort, he showed no interest in the fact that Valery Novikov had falsely accused, in print, two other journalists of having written lies.