In an article posted on april 27, "Kabansk-info" editor-in-chief Valery Novikov accuses two national russian dailies of having deliberately published lies on april 19 while being careful not to name them.
Journalists from the "yellow press" do not hesitate to lie and use the gullibility of the target audience and their inability to verify the information. It is almost always done so that readers notice the unremarkable tabloid or internet site.
Komsomolskaya Pravda.
Novikov denies that a phone conversation between him and Olga Lipchinskaya of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (KP) ever took place. He now claims to have reached a conclusion about the nature of the video different than what was reported.
After conferring with the staff, the editor concluded it [the video] might be fake ...
Olga Lipchinskaya had previously quoted Valery Novikov :
I took the video to the police.
Novikov tells a different story. The MVD did not find the hoaxers. Instead, "Kabansk-info" journalists are the ones who searched for and found Ivan Baturin and Artem Fedotov.
... after the video became famous, the editorial staff tracked down its authors and conducted an interview.
Olga Lipchinskaya had quoted Novikov giving a vivid description of the MVD's intervention as if he had witnessed it.
When he saw people in uniforms at his doorsteps, the guy from Kamensk was rather scared, says Valery laughing. They asked him straight forward, 'where is the alien’s body ?'. He got nervous and said 'in my room'. In his room was found a doll about 10 centimeters long, made from dough with chicken skin stretched over, made as an “alien” and even colored.
Komsomolskaya Pravda was the first newspaper to interview the editor of the site Kabansk-info, Valery Novikov.
adds Olga Lipchinskaya in a second article, from april 26.
Life News.
Gromova gives as her source the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Buryatia. She also quotes Kabansky district chief of police Sergei Zvezdin, whose statements were recorded by two TV networks.
Valery Novikov is silent about the origin of the dummy seen in the photograph posted on "Life News".
Did a journalist travel to Kamensk (south-central Siberia, near Mongolia), found the dummy without identifying the pranksters and instead returned with the names, ages and photographs of two other Kamensk resident ? He doesn't say.
Valery Novikov's revisionist narrative, meant to separate the police from the blunder of april 19, is a lie.
Valeri Novikov puts the blame for the initial false identification of the pranksters on Svetlana Gromova who wrote the "Life News" article that presented Kirill Vlasov and Timur Hilal as the hoaxers.