I called my friend ... he's got a digital phone. Let's go to the woods to make a video and put it on the internet.
The video we posted...
The video, with sound, is posted on youtube by the user SashafromBaikal , using an account created the same day.
He goes to Kamensk high school, senior class.
A. Fedotov.
I. Baturin.
Wednesday 13.
The video is posted by the user HondaBeast, a resident of Kabansky District, on the russian video sharing site rutube. The sound has been removed because of the obscenities contained in it, according to the poster.
Ivan Baturin had a different account on rutube at the time.
Thusday 14.
More than two weeks go by before the video is put online.
The dialogue heard on the video (english Pravda).
We found it there, look.
Come here, look at that. It's over there, that s***.
We found it less than two hours ago, m***** f*****.
The dog f****** sniffed it.
We came to see, and we thought what the f*** is that?!
I have no idea what that f*** can be
That's just f******, what the f*** is that?
It's clear it's dead. Totally dead.
There's no leg, m***** f*****.
It's been bitten off probably.'
Making it public.
The video shot by Ivan Baturin.